About Ojos Jewelry

The inspiration of this design has come from the traditional craft of “Ojos de Dios”.

Taken from the Spanish words for “Eye of God”, the Ojo de Dios are a symbol of good fortune and favor from the gods of nature. God’s Eyes are made of two straight sticks tied together in a cross form. Different colored yarn is then woven around the sticks making a cross shaped pattern with a single dark “eye” in the center.The most important part of the Ojo is the center “eye”, where the two sticks cross. It is believed that using black yarn or black fiber to color the center of the eye will allow the gods to see through the Ojo so they are able to watch over the house the Ojo resides in. Some modern Ojos weavers use mirrors for the center of the God’s Eye instead of black yarn. The different colors of yarn used in the Ojos have special meaning, indicating different elements of the universe.

I adapted this traditional design by creating the wooden “skeleton” of the Ojos de Dios is from two crossed pieces of 14 kt gold fill or sterling silver wire and replacing the yarn with thin wire. By expanding the traditional design by using colorful beads and by linking the metal Ojos together, I’ve created dozens of different earring and bracelet designs inspired by this simple Native American craft. Because each piece is hand woven, my earrings and bracelets are very light and very strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This jewelry looks delicate! Are you sure it won’t bend or fall apart?

    My Ojos jewelry is kid tested! Several years ago, my two-year old nephew managed to grab one of my Ojos bracelets and I allowed him play with it for an entire weekend. After being stomped on, pulled on, swung around, thrown down a flight of steps, and spending a night in a plastic dump truck, it came out just fine. My Ojos jewelry may look delicate, but trust me, they are a lot tougher than they look.

  • I’m interested in a bracelet, but I’m not sure about the size. Can you adjust the length of the bracelet?

    All of my bracelets are an average of 7 inches in length, but I can adjust the sizing to fit you. Simply write in what length you want in the “Comments/Special Delivery Instructions” box located on the bottom of the Checkout page. Be sure to measure your wrist carefully and to account for how tightly or loosely you wear your bracelets in your measurement. All resizing is included in the pricing for each bracelet.

  • Are these pieces made using a machine or some type of jig?

    Nope, every single one of these pieces are made by hand using pliers and …well…my hands. The only machine made parts in my Ojos jewelry are the ear findings.

  • I don’t like french wire ear findings. Do you offer some other kinds of ear findings for your earrings?

    Yes, I can make my earrings with either kidney wires or ball posts at no cost. You can simply request them in the “Comments/Special Delivery Instructions” box located on the bottom of the Checkout page. Be sure to specify whether you want “kidney wires” or “ball posts” and please specify which pair of earrings you would like them on.

  • I’m sensitive to certain kinds of metal jewelry. What kind of metal do you use in your yours?

    I use 14kt gold fill and sterling silver ear findings in all of jewelry which work well for everyone except for those with the most sensitive allergies. However, be aware that I also use metal beads or charms in some of my earrings which may be made of nickel, brass or some other type of non hypoallergenic metal. You can find a list of materials used in my jewelry on every product description page. So be sure to carefully read the description for each jewelry piece before you buy.

  • How do I clean my jewelry?

    In most cases, you can clean your Ojos jewelry buffing and shining your pieces with a polishing cloth or by occasionally soaking your pieces in a good quality jewelry cleaner.

  • Will the silver ojos tarnish?

    All of my silver jewelry is made of sterling silver, so unfortunately because of the nature of silver it may tarnish with regular wear. If your jewelry does happen to get tarnished, you can remove it by using a polishing cloth

  • What happens if I damage my jewelry or lose one of my earrings?

    Ahh…it really stinks when you lose one of your earrings or if your lovely piece of jewelry gets damaged in some way. If you find yourself with only one lonely earring or if your jewelry has suffered a mishap, then contact me by phone or by email and I’ll take care of it!

  • I have a question that’s not on this list…what do I do?

    Just send me an email with your question and I’ll answer it for you!

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