About Paper Bead Jewelry

The Paper Bead Series is comprised of earrings, bracelets and necklaces made mostly out of handmade paper beads. Each bead starts with a sheet paper. I choose papers that have interesting patterns, nice color combinations, or unique surface textures. The native hand made papers from Japan, Nepal, India, and Italy are frequently used in my beads. Once I choose a paper, I cut the sheet into long strips, and then hand roll each strip into small cylindrical bead. After the paper strips are rolled, I coat each bead with many layers of an acrylic sealant, which makes each bead water and dirt resistant. I finally finish each bead by capping each end of the bead with sterling silver or 14 kt gold fill. Because of the nature of hand made paper and of the rolling process to make each bead, every single bead is a unique piece.

Once all of the paper beads are completed, I create necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by matching each bead with other materials such as sterling silver, glass beads, semi-precious stone chips, or bits of bone or clay beads. Each piece is a unique work, and the majority of my designs are one-of-a kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why aren’t the patterns on the earrings the same?

    All of my Paper Bead Jewelry beads are made by rolling strips of handmade paper into beads. Because of the way handmade paper is patterned and because of how the paper is rolled, none of the beads come out looking the exactly the same, which is part of the charm of handmade work.

  • What happens of I get my jewelry wet?

    Each paper bead is coated with four coats of acrylic sealant, which protect each bead from wetness, dust and dirt, and regular wear. So while you should remove your jewelry before you take a shower, they won’t be damaged if they happen to get a little wet or if you get caught in the rain. If you do happen to get your jewelry wet, simply put it in a warm dry place to dry. If your jewelry does suffer any damage, please feel contact by email or call me and I’ll repair them for you.

  • Are the paper beads hollow inside or is there something in the middle?

    Each bead is made by tighly winding it around a small piece of wire. This makes a bead which a fairly small hole and is fairly crush-resistant. So yes, each bead does have a hole in the middle, but all of the beads are strung using wire, which also makes them pretty crush-resistant.

  • Can you create multiples of the same pair of earrings?

    Part of the thing that makes creating my Paper Bead pieces fun is the fact that they are all one of a kind. The one of a kind nature of my Paper Bead Jewelry is also part of what makes buying fun as well! So while I can make a similar design, I don’t duplicate a particular piece once I make it.

  • I’m sensitive to certain kinds of metal jewelry. What kind of metal do you use in your yours?

    I use 14kt gold fill and sterling silver ear findings in all of jewelry which work well for everyone except for those with the most sensitive allergies. However, be aware that I also use metal beads or charms in some of my earrings which may be made of nickel, brass or some other type of non hypoallergenic metal. You can find a list of materials used in my jewelry on every product description page. So be sure to carefully read the description for each jewelry piece before you buy.

  • I don’t like french wire ear findings. Do you offer some other kinds of ear findings for your earrings?

    Yes, I can make my earrings with either kidney wires or ball posts at no cost. You can simply request them in the “Comments/Special Delivery Instructions” box located on the bottom of the Checkout page. Be sure to specify whether you want “kidney wires” or “ball posts” and please specify which pair of earrings you would like them on.

  • How do I clean my jewelry?

    All of my paper beads are sealed with four coats of acrylic which protects them from moisture, dust, and dirt. So in most cases, all they require for cleaning is sponging off with a damp cloth and some occasional buffing and shining of any metal parts using a polishing cloth.

  • Will the silver parts your jewelry tarnish?

    All of the silver parts of my jewelry is made of sterling silver, so unfortunately because of the nature of silver it may tarnish with regular wear. If your jewelry does happen to get tarnished, you can remove it by using a polishing cloth.

  • What happens if I damage my jewelry or lose one of my earrings?

    Ahh…it really stinks when you lose one of your earrings or if your lovely piece of jewelry gets damaged in some way. If you find yourself with only one lonely earring or if your jewelry has suffered a mishap, then contact me by phone or by email and I’ll take care of it!

  • I have a question that’s not on this list…what do I do?

    Just send me an email with your question and I’ll answer it for you!

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